About us

A good drink doesn’t need to cost the earth but it does need to be responsible.There is no getting away from it, we all need a conscience about our environment…

We, the founders (our Gin Family) have spent most of our adult lives in the hospitality market place which brought us together through the last twenty years. Going into lockdown made us all look at ourselves and our life/work balances…

One of the discussions was that we wanted to do something new that we would love and something that would also be essentially fun, educational and yet challenging…… we came up with The Fuzzy Duck Distillery and what it could give us and what it could allow us to give back to others….but there were some key starting points that we wanted to make sure we stuck with the business.


Ethical, Hand Craft, Caring, Local Sourced Best of British Ingredients and made with passion and creativity in small batches…

We want our family of Gins and Vodkas to be carefully crafted with traditional and innovative distillation and infusion processes. Having our own Chef as a founder member allows us to bring his 30 years of experience to our flavours and innovative know how.

Each of our natural spirits is infused with a complex mixture of artisanal roots and botanicals.

Sustainabilty and Recycled Products

We only use recycled products in the packaging and bottling of our product – no one-shot plastics use in sampling or production.

We use recycled paper in our sampling cups through to recycled packaging for the transportation of our products.


Use The Best of British Produce and Products

Our seasonal flavours are produced with the best ingredients from UK Premium Producers. Supporting our UK home grown farmers and sellers is key to our great flavour combinations. Whether it be the fruits and ethically sourced herbs through to our glass bottles and copper caps all are made in the UK and therefore will not increase the carbon footprint by buying cheaper in Europe or further afield…

Unique & Flexible Products

Being a small craft distillery and making small batches gives us the ability to produce small individual and tailored gin for weddings, parties or special occasions. We can use your own preferred flavours which means something to you – memories of places you have been or flavours that you and friends have had experience of in the past.